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Energy, specific energy, and gradually varied flow 10. Solution we are to discuss the driving force in open channel flow and how flow rate is determined. Energydepth relationship in a rectangular channel wikipedia. Specific energy curves of different discharges at a given channel section at a smaller depth, y1 q can be delivered only by a higher velocity and, a higher specific energy. At lower limb, cr of the specific energy curve is the supercritical flow region. Critical depth spec energy module7 university of alabama. Relationship of crosssectional area da, flow depth dd, and top width t. Classic energy problem in openchannel flow wikiversity. As the depth of flow increases, the static energy increases and the kinetic.

Calculation of multiple critical depths in open channels. Application of specific energy to an open channel flow. Fundamentals of fluid mechanics chapter 10 flow in open. Specific energy curve for a trapezoidal open channel 71 figure 33. Chapter 4 openchannel flow 41 introduction an open channel is a watercourse that allows part of the flow to be exposed to the atmosphere. Critical depth, plays a critical role in the analysis of flow in open channels as it divides the flow regime into supercritical and subcritical flow. Energy conservation is an important concept when analyzing open channel flows. Discussion of minimum specific energy and transcritical. Water flows under the sluice gate in a constant width rectangular channel as shown in fig. Froude no,specific energy and critical,sub critical,super. From the general relationship between specific energy and flow depth for all open channels, the specific relationship for parabolic open channels was obtained. Values used for viscosity are equivalent values that account for overall energy dissipation, including that due to turbulence. For our purposes, we will assume that transition occurs at a reynolds number of. Ey0 and y0 in fact one section of the curve falls within the 45 o angle between these two asymptotes in the first quadrant.

Adaptation of the bernoulli equation to open channel flows under the assumption of small energy losses and hydrostatic pressure distribution leads to the specific energy diagram that facilitates analysis of flow behavior at channel transitions. The text is not intended to be a treatise on the design of open channels, although a brief discussion of the principles of flow ip open channels is included. As illustrated in figure 1, if the hgl is above the inside top crown of the pipe, pressure flow conditions exist. For a given discharge, the specific energy can be calculated for various flow depths and plotted on an ey diagram. Specific energy and critical depth civil engineering terms. From the specific energy curve, it has proof the critical depth, yc and minimum specific energy can be predicted at different flow rates. Some of the charts are also useful in the design of storm drains.

The flow in this portion is termed as subcritical flow. Visualization of specific energy for open channel flow in three. Conversely, if the hgl is below the crown of the pipe, open channel flow conditions exist. Pdf chapter openchannel flow solutions manual for. Then we can proceed finding the unit discharge qand the critical depthy c. Hydraulic design of energy dissipators for culverts and. Since there are four different flow rates, four different specific energy curves have to be plotted. Specific energy curve for a rectangular open channel 73 figure 34. There is another section of the curve shown as broken.

Specific energy curve for a given q, e is only a function of y, i. Open channels are free to overflow their banks, and cannot develop pressure flow, as can closed conduits such as circular pipes. Open channel flow florida international university. Analytical solution of specific energy and specific force. In the majority of cases the end objective of hydraulic computations relating to flow in open channels is to determine the curve of the water surface. Water flow in a river, for example, is driven by the elevation difference between the source and the sink. Thus, specific energy is the energy at a crosssection of an open channel flow with respect to the channel bed. In hecrass reference manual it is stated that when the secant. Discussion of minimum specific energy and transcritical flow in unsteady open channel flow by oscar castroorgaz and hubert chanson doi. Dimensionless specific energy diagrams for openchannel flow. Basic hydraulic principles of openchannel flow by harvey e. Illustration of the energy consideration in open channel flow total energy t.

Performing organization name and address 2963 ash street denver. Since specific energy upstream e upof the flow is given, we will with the help of energy depth relationship first out the depth of the flow upstream y 1. The above diagram is only applicable for a specific flowrate and cross section. At a larger depth the same discharge may be delivered through the. Download scientific diagram specific energy curve for open channel flow. Natural channels display a much wider range of roughness values than artificial channels. As a result, on the portion of the specific energy curve where v v c, the flow is. Eey the plot of e vs y is called specific energy curve. The channel is called as deep channel for subcritical flow.

This type of channel includes rivers, culverts, stormwater systems that flow by. The classical expressions of the specific energy, e, and of the specific force, f, as functions of the flow depth, y, for open channels are given as follows chow, 1959. These two depths for a given specific energy are termed as specific depths. For the purposes of the following analysis, energy is conserved for a fluid in an open channel flow, and head losses due to friction will be neglected. What is the difference between the energy slope and the channel slope. Introduction when the surface of flow is open to atmosphere, in other terms when there is only atmospheric pressure on the surface, the flow is named as open channel flow. Describe this flow in terms of the specific energy diagram.

Analysis flow in a channel is driven naturally by gravity. The principal methods of discharge measurement described below assume steady flow conditions, but in most natural systems, steady flow is only present for short time periods. The state of rapid and shallow flow through a section is known as supercritical flow or rapid flow. Design charts for open channel flow transportation. It shows graphically the effect of changing specific discharge on the specific energy curve. Critical flow through an open channel linkedin slideshare. In open channels, the relationship between the speci. Specific energy depth curve for depths greater than the critical depth, the.

Schematic and flow depth specific energy diagram for a hydraulic jump specific energy decreases. This graph shows the relation between specific energy and flow depth ideal with flow rate per unit width, q. The total discharge divided by the channel width valid only for a rectangular channel. The energy calculated at one location in the flow will be equal to the energy calculated at any other location in.

Open channel flow is a bit different than for closed conduits. The specific energy es of a liquid in an open channel is the total mechanical energy expressed as a head relative to the bottom of the channel. Measurement of energy relative to the bottom of the channel. If the datum coincides with the channel bed at the section, the resulting expression is known as specific energy and is denoted as e. E is, as the name specifies, the total energy of the fluid measured with respect to a fixed datum. Note that critical depth is a measure of the energy state for the channel and it is independent of the channel slope or roughness. Pdf solutions manual for fluid mechanics seventh edition. In open channel flow, specific energy e is the energy length, or head, relative to the channel bottom. Specific energy is expressed in terms of kinetic energy, and potential energy, and internal energy. Open channel flow open channel flow is characterized by a surface in contact with a gas phase, allowing the. This is an excel sheet that calculates the specific energy curve and its components in open channel. It also allows the verification of the chezy equation and mannings.

Unified specific energy curve lor rectangular channels. Before starting to solve the question, it is always better to have the values of unit dischargeq and corresponding critical depthy cknown. Minimum specific energy and critical flow conditions in open channels. If the value of e increases, we can see that the value of y decreases in lower part of the curve. Hydraulic design of energy dissipators for culverts and channels hydraulic engineering circular number 14, third edition. Understanding of critical depth,critical flow,role of. Hydraulic design of channels conveying supercritical flow this is. Therefore, it can be written mathematically as follows. Minimum specific energy and critical flow conditions in.

Plot a line through the critical point on each curve to show the critical state. Introduction bernoulli equation applied to the free surface in an open channel see figure 1. Herein they are reanalyzed on the basis of the depthaveraged bernoulli. Conditions and characters specific energy is a minimum for a given discharge discharge is a maximum for a given specific discharge specific force is a minimum for a given discharge velocity head is equal to half the hydraulic depth in a channel of small slope 3. The governing force for the open channel flow is the gravitational force component along the channel slope. Each of the curves is for a given value of discharge per unit width, q. However, closed conduits flow as open channels when the water surface is below the crown of the conduit, and the design concepts of this.

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