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Parthian coins from margiana feel obliged to reconsider in brief the parthian sellwood, 34. Many added epithets like brother lover or great allowing id along with the portraits. Many coins from ancient parthia portray a facial lesion on the reigning monarch. From archaeological finds, museums and private collections. The most of our knowledge about these kings is obtained from their coins. Ten dragons against rome 1993, classical numismatic group by fred b. The british museum published most of its massive collection of greek coins in 29 volumes from 18731929. Aug 26, 2014 about 50 parthian rulers issued coins, but the name arsaces became immobilized as the dynastic title much as caesar became a roman title rather than a personal name. Moreover, david sellwood 19252012, a prominent british numismatist of parthian era, printed in 1980 an introduction to the coinage of parthia london. Media in category coins of parthia the following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Parthia hist 2 spring 2012 parthian dynasty 250 bce226 ce. The end of the parthian dynasty in numcirc june 1990.

Parthia coins for sale buy parthia coins from the most. Along with greek elements, the indoparthian coins iolc. The coins from the long reign of mithridates ii 12488 bce are known in both northern and southern media although these coins from the. The indo parthian kingdom, also known as the suren kingdom, was a parthian kingdom founded by the gondopharid branch of the house of suren, ruling from 19 to c. Pdf indoparthian descendants in the sasanian era researchgate. Mithradates iii, a parthian king of media, killed his father phraates iii and was in turn killed by his brother orodes ii. The coins struck by the parthians were mainly made of silver, with the main currencies being the drachm and tetradrachm. Obv diademed bust left, wearing tiara ornamented with horn and row of stags around top, neck torque ends in pellet.

An introduction to collecting coins from elymais by robert. An introduction to collecting parthian coins coin community. Copyright and moral rights for this thesis are retained by the. Ask was the first king of parthia, as well as the founder and eponym of the arsacid dynasty of parthia, ruling from 247 bc to 217 bc. The romanoparthian cold war lsu digital commons louisiana. Coin of arsaces i of parthia with inscriptions in greek and aramaic. Bust faces right as on all coins of the sassanian dynasty. Aug 26, 2014 notes on the chemical composition of parthian coins with special reference to the drachms of orodes i. Some such series seem particularly mysterious due to a dearth of extant, reliable ancient writings about the societies which produced the coins. Dec 15, 2004 indo parthian dynasty they came after the indogreeks and the indoscythians and were, in turn, defeated by the kushans in the second half of the 1st. Since its printing in 1980, this has been the primary reference for attributing parthian coins. May 26, 2012 parthian coins present several problems compared to other ancients.

It will be centered on the figure of mithradates i, who established what we can truly call the parthian empire. Premier parthian coins s0069 2177 parthian kingdom, mithradates ii. Few of the rulers actually placed their name on the coins but, instead, used the name arsakes founder of the dynasty. The series, called bmc greek, is the largest collection of ancient greek coins ever published. Also, see the listing of parthian coins in the ans database for assistance in identifying parthian coins, go to the identifying parthian coins page n. Drachm 123 bc circulated eastern parthian kingdom mithradates ii ar drachm ancient coin, sellwood 28. It was founded by mithridates the great in 171 bc and lasted for 400 years until its final demise at the hands of ardashir i, first sassanian persian king, between 206224 ad. Welcome to parthian sources online, a digital collection of texts from the ancient parthian empire.

Border of cape on neck and shoulders is bejewelled. The first comes from fred shore, author of parthian coins and history, ten dragons against rome. Discussion in ancient coins started by deacon ray, oct 11, 2016. The sellwood type s52 series is the most productive of all individual ae coins. Dates of local rulers who struck coins and the areas they controlled are difficult to determine, but it seems that. Parthian coins present several problems compared to other ancients. Coins of phraataces by himself are not all that scarce, but coins portraying his motherwife are fairly rare and expensive. Of all the seleucid kings reported by the byzantine writer. Indo parthian state was established in southeastern iran, sistan c. An introduction to the coinage of parthia 1980, 2nd edition, spink by david sellwood. All coins from the parthian empire, presented with pictures, descriptions and more useful information.

Parthian coins for sale in the forum ancient coins shop. The crown is still the parthian cap with earflaps, but heavily bejewelled. View parthian archaeology research papers on academia. The tetradrachm, which generally weighted around 16 g, was only minted in seleucia, first conquered by the parthians in 141 bc. Iscrizione del potere dellimpero partico sul rovescio di una moneta di pacoro i. This thesis examines a key period of change in parthian coinage, as the rebellious. Pdf indoparthian coins in the british museum wannaporn. Mazdisn bagi babaki malka defender of the faith mazdayasna, papak, king. Parthian related coins for sale buy parthian related. Parthian related coins for sale buy parthian related coins. Assar 2005, 3536 for the revised inception and termi. Mithradates ii, ar drachm, 123 88 bce, sellwood 26. C, begining with the seccession of the satrapy of parthia from the selucid empire, when the satrap, andragoras, rebelled and declared the province an independent kingdom.

Parthian coinage was produced within the domains of the parthian empire 247 bc 224 ad. An introduction to collecting parthian coins by robert l3. A revised parthian chronology of the period 9155 bc. The parthian empire history and coins of ancient parthia site index a graphical representation of site organization is available on the site map page. Ancient greek coins of the seleucids, bactria, judaea. Site introduction if this is your first time using the site, start here. Having fi nally sold the pieces they retuned to their village. The parthian empire 247 bc 224 ad, also known as the arsacid empire was a major iranian political and cultural power in ancient iran and iraq. If you know the sellwood type number of a coin, go to the sellwood type numbers page for navigation to the page illustrating coins of that type. He expressed his allegiance to pertinax, but after his murder and the shameful elevation of didius julianus, severus was saluted as emperor by the troops. Sources in greek, latin, and parthian are available in the original and in english translation, with comprehensive vocabulary glosses provided for ease of reading. To do this, we will look at coins from the earliest days of the arsacids through to the mid2nd century bce. About 50 parthian rulers issued coins, but the name arsaces became immobilized as the dynastic title much as caesar became a roman title rather than a personal name.

Parthian coins related to margiana, minted in margiana of found there. Moses of chorene and the early parthian chronology pdf. Howard cole topic you have posted in normal topic hot topic more than 10 replies very hot topic more than 20 replies locked topic sticky topic poll. To search an expression, simply put quotation marks around it. Dilmaghani plate 24 n o period of arsacid rule in iran is more challenging than the years between mithradates ii and orodes ii. The fall of the graecobactrians saka and indoparthians.

Parthian coinage 1877, george rawlinsons parthia 1893, and warwick william wroths catalogue of the coins of parthia 1903. The leader of the parni, one of the three tribes of the dahae confederacy, arsaces founded his dynasty in the mid3rd century bc when he. In 238 bc arshak, king of the skythian parni tribe, overthrew the governor of parthia, and the parthians took over most of the seleukid realm during the next century. An introduction to collecting coins from elymais by robert l3 bob l the coinage of the many ancient cultures beyond the grecoroman world is often underappreciated. Parthian rule was asserted over various lands of eastern iran, present afghanistan and extending into india. Nikitin the limited amount of numismatic material these coin finds, now preserved in the nu on which this article is based certainly is not mismatic cabinet of the iutake in ashkhabad. This assured the main features of the kings face center of the design would be clear, but almost guaranteed that parts of. Parthian was the language of state of the arsacid parthian empire 248 bc 224 ad, as well as of its eponymous branches of the arsacid dynasty of armenia, arsacid dynasty of. Ancient eastern coins from parthian related issuers. To date their fate and that of the reinterred coins remain unknown. Sellwood has done a masterful job of capturing the general characteristics of each issue in his line drawings, and.

The parthian coin identification will help to identify your parthia drachm based on david sellwood work an introduction to the coinage of parthia 1980. Parthian sources online represents an effort to harness digital texts in order to help students of parthian history overcome the challenges posed by a disparate bibliography. A search for 1 franc is more precise than 1 franc you may use an asterisk as a wildcard. Designwise, parthian coinage was based on seleucid. It was conquered and subjugated by the empire of the medes during the 7th century bc, was incorporated into the subsequent achaemenid empire under cyrus the great in the 6th century bc, and formed part of. They came after the indogreeks and the indoscythians and were, in turn, defeated by the kushans in the second half of the 1st. Descendants of alexanders general seleukos ruled persia after alexanders death.

Coins of gondophares, and his indoparthian successors, including. The manual removal of both the stag decoration around the crest and the central horn of. This assured the main features of the kings face center of the design would be clear, but almost guaranteed that parts of the design would not fit. Psalter pahlavi has additional numbers for 2, 3, and 4 and omits the number.

Ancient eastern coins from parthian related issuers n b j the art of numismatics. There are a number of problems associated with attributing parthian coins. Oct 30, 2017 while i agree we all need to be careful and check reverses, i never thought of coins of persis being easy to confuse with parthians. Indoparthian coins for sale buy indoparthian coins. Trichoepithelioma and the kings of ancient parthia ncbi. A rare parthian bronze from the famous shore collection s0556 51 parthian kingdom, phraates iv. Parthian and inscriptional pahlavi build up numbers out of 1, 10, 20, 100, and. Remarks on the arrangement of the parthian dark age coin series 107 tions. Trade was the other major driver of transnational flows of goods, information, and.

Note the preponderance of coins minted early in the parthian era at susa 4, then the movement to rhagae 3 and ecbatana 2 mints until the middle period of the parthia empire. Indo parthian dynasty, rulers over a large part of northwestern india from seistan portions of the presentday border provinces of that name of iran and of afghanistan to sindh on the indus river at the beginning of the 1st century c. This article provides some basic information about parthian coins, as well as some of the pros and cons of collecting them. This was first noted by wroth6 of the british museum who commented. These are the main reasons why the fi ve abovementioned series appear in diff erent posi. An important contribution to the study of the coinage, with a catalogue of shores personal collection, which was subsequently sold at auction by cng in 1995. Sylloge nummorum graecorum, denmark, the royal collection of coins and medals, danish national museum.

Parthian sources online a collection of texts from the. Parthian coins for sale the parthian empire was a middle persian dynasty which fell between the achaemenid and sassanian dynasties of persia iran. The parthian empire came into being following a series of events during the third century b. Pahlaw is a historical region located in northeastern iran. The parthian language, also known as arsacid pahlavi and pahlawanig, is a nowextinct ancient northwestern iranian language spoken in parthia, a region situated in presentday northeastern iran and turkmenistan. Reprint, forni, 1960s ii sicily poole, head and gardner, 1876. Not listed, extermely rare and historically important. Coins tell the story of parthian empire financial tribune. Parthian coin statistical analysis history and coins of. Most parthian coins seen by collectors are silver drachms, and the vast majority of parthian drachms are struck on oval flans with the portrait perpendicular to the long axis. The main difficulty in studying this period is the lack of firm sources. At their zenith, they ruled an area covering parts of eastern iran, various parts of afghanistan and the northwest regions of the indian subcontinent parts of modern pakistan.

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